We make it easy for Businesses to reward loyalty & communicate with their customers via text messaging.

95% of texts are opened within 3 min!


EVERY merchant has existing customers!

EVERY existing customer has a cell phone!

EVERY existing customer is TEXTING!

EVERY existing customer opens their text within minutes!

60-80% of merchants’ revenue comes from their EXISTING CUSTOMERS!

Why would any merchant, not utilize texting with these FACTS?


Your Buyers & Prospects Love Texting


Established in 2011, SENTEXT has grown to become the leading direct sales marketing organization in the US. In 2021, We sent out 73 MILLION messages and have over 5 million opt-in subscribers. Join our 25,000-plus US business partners and take advantage of our experience with your own dedicated Local Mobile Marketing Consultant to guide you. Together we’ll help you make an instant mobile connection with your audience that generates the results you’re looking for.


Texting is Easy, Easy & Convenient - it's instant; yet not disruptive. Also, it includes short and straight interactions and doesn't require anyone to install a new application.


74% of the consumers have zero unread text messages and respond to a business texts within an hour.





Custom Mobile Web App

A touch-free, smartphone solution every merchant gets a custom mobile landing page in which users are directed by QR code, or direct links in texts, websites, social media posts, etc. New users can sign into the program, check out your menu, social networks, career board, and more.



QR Code


This program includes custom QR codes to put on tables, counters, or around a business. The customers point their phones with their camera on to be directed to your Custom Mobile Web App. On the app page, customers can access your online menu, website, and social media platforms and interact with your business by signing up to your text club, redeeming offers, etc.




Keyword Opt-in Program

Claim a keyword and market it online using your website, social media sites, in-store print materials, or any other preferred advertisement methods. Use unique keywords to track the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns along with your other forms of marketing to target customers.




Trackable Offers

Track every textALERT, click activity, offer redemption and so much more by using the merchant dashboard and Weekly Email Reports.
The dashboard is a simple and easy-to-use portal that merchants like you use to create text message campaigns, mini-URLs, automated text messages, and everything else associated with our Customer Engagement Platform.




Pricing and FAQ

What's the  texting pricing structure?

Our services begin at $55 per month. The pricing structure is dependent on the number of text's and the features you'd like to enable.

Can I track how many customers come in my business and redeem an offer?

Absolutely! You will be able to track redemtion with our geo tracking setup.

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