What is a Digital Billboard?

Our Indoor Billboards are in popular places all over town. From restaurants to gyms, doctor's offices to auto repair, you will be seen wherever your customers go!


Billboards can’t be skipped or paused or blocked. Consumers on the go are targeted where they spend 70% of their waking hours.


Reach your customers where they are on the go in their daily lives.

Inside Billboards - Digital TV Screens

LOW COST Digital Advertising, allowing your business to be seen by your LOCAL community at a fraction of the cost of other advertisers!

Why Choose Us?


Have your advertisement only show to people that are around your business. Or send it out across YOUR entire area!

Packages starting at $400

We know that you have other costs for your businesses, get more foot traffic to your business....for LESS money.

Fast Turn-a-Round

You can start advertising your business TODAY! Just tell us where you would like to advertise, and your commercial could be up and running by that evening.

Contact Us

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